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After-School Enrichment Program  


      LA’s BEST is an after-school  enrichment program that was created by Mayor Tom Bradley in 1988.  25 years later the program is still going strong and serves about 28,000 students between the ages of 5 and 12 at over 190 school in LAUSD.  Students go straight into the program after the last bell rings, without ever leaving school grounds.   They are greeted in their assigned rooms with a nutritious snack, help with their homework, and exciting things to do and learn.  Some of the things students can do include dance, art, sports, and theater.  There are even opportunities for special field trips and events for the students to attend.  

     Elena Fong is the site coordinator for our school.  For questions or concerns call (323) 493-2549 or email  You can also explore their website  for more information about the program.  





Room Locations

Kindergarten-Rm 56 Ms. Cosseth

1st/2nd Grade-Rm 36 Ms. Starla

3rd Grade-Rm 37 Ms. Griselda

4th Grade-Rm 58 Ms. Kashia

5th/6th Grade-Rm 35 Ms. Crystal